Build NFT Marketplace

Launch an in-app marketplace very easily with Shyft APIs.

Developing and launching a marketplace can be quite a time and resource-intensive task. This is where SHYFT APIs come in. SHYFT provides a suite of marketplace APIs for Solana Blockchain, using which you can create and launch your own fully functional in-app NFT marketplace in a few days.

We have deployed a devnet NFT marketplace for you to play around with. Try it out to get a sense of how it feels.

Nft Marketplace Demo

This series will help you understand SHYFT's Marketplace APIs better. By the end of this series, you will be able to

  • Set up an NFT marketplace.

  • Update an NFT marketplace.

  • List NFTs for sale in the marketplace.

  • Un-list (cancel) a listed NFT.

  • Buy NFTs in the marketplace.

  • Show all NFTs listed on the marketplace.

  • Get marketplace statistics.

  • Fetch and withdraw treasury balance from the marketplace.

Let's get started on the journey, in the first episode we will understand terminologies around a marketplace. Create and update marketplace parameters.

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