Getting Started

Lets get you started with querying program data.

In the world of Solana development, a crucial tool in our toolkit is the Anchor IDL. It's like a guidebook that tells us what accounts a program has and how they're structured. This information is gold because it helps us automate indexing pipelines. Think of it as the key piece in the puzzle that lets us understand and handle a program's accounts effectively.

Reach out to us on Discord to get a program indexed.

We have also created a graphQL demo project for you to easily get started.

Step 1

GraphQL API lets you access both mainnet and devnet program data. It can be accessed from the below URLs.

  • Mainnet:{your-key}&network=mainnet-beta

  • Devnet:{your-key}&network=devnet

Step 2

It is necessary to see the schema of the programs and the fields that we have indexed, so you can build queries based on that. The above URL works with any GraphQL client. Here are a few popular ones.

Once you paste your GraphQL endpoint in the above UI, it will automatically trigger an introspection call which will fetch the entire schema for all the programs that we currently host.

Each account follows programID_accountName structure, so for example if you want to query ProposalsV2 account for spl-governance. You would be looking at GovER5Lthms3bLBqWub97yVrMmEogzX7xNjdXpPPCVZw_ProposalV2.

Now you are ready to start building queries and creating experiences that were unheard of before, on Solana.

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