Get floor price of a collection

Get floor price of NFT collections with graphQl APIs.

SHYFT’s SuperIndexer can also be used to create various utility functions which can readily be used in real-life dApps. One such example can be getting floor price of a particular NFT collection across 3 marketplaces. This also requires a little help from SHYFT’s DAS APIs. The steps are as follows,

  • Firstly, we get all NFTs belonging to a collection using DAS getAssetByGroup method, which accepts the collection address and returns the list of NFTs

  • This list can be used to filter the nftMint/tokenMint field of the marketplaces using graphQl, using the _in check, which enables graphQl to check for a list of values. This can be fetched using a single cross-program query

  • once we have the prices of all NFTs from all three marketplaces, we can easily find out the lowest price NFT from each marketplace belonging to that collection

  • The lowest price NFT among 3 marketplaces is the floor price of the collection

Getting NFT mintlist for a collection using DAS

let page = 1;
let assets = [];

while (page > 0) {
  const assetsByGroup = await shyft.rpc.getAssetsByGroup({
    groupKey: 'collection',
    groupValue: collectionAdress,
    limit: 1000,
  }); //getting NFTs for a collection in a paginated manner

  assets.push(...assetsByGroup.items); //adding to an array
  page = !== 1000 ? -1 : page + 1;

You can also use our MintList tool to get a collection's mint list.

Get all listings from marketplace using graphQl

async function getAllBidsFromCollection(allNftMintsforCollection) {
    const query = gql`
    query MyQuery {
          where: {tokenMint: {_in: ${JSON.stringify(allNftMintsforCollection)}}}
        ) {
          where: {nftMint: {_in: ${JSON.stringify(allNftMintsforCollection)}}}
        ) {
          where: {nftMint: {_in: ${JSON.stringify(allNftMintsforCollection)}}}
        ) {

  const response = await graphQLClient.request(query);
  console.dir(response,{depth: null});

This step would give us all NFT listings across 3 marketplaces, along with their prices. In the next step we have to filter the listings to get NFTs with the lowest price.

The GraphQL _in filter can be used to check for keys in a range of values

Getting the lowest price NFTs and the floor price

function findSmallestItem(items, property) {
  if (items.length === 0) {
    return undefined;

  return items.reduce((smallest, item) => {
    return item[property] < smallest[property] ? item : smallest;
  }, items[0]);

This function can be used to retrieve the lowest priced NFT for each marketplace, and then the lowest price NFT among three is the floor price of the collection

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