Easiest and the fastest way to query Kamino Protocol.

Kamino is a decentralised lending and borrowing protocol where users can earn interest by lending their crypto assets or borrow assets by collateralising their holdings. You can use Kamino SDK as well to query on-chain data. But since it internally uses getProgramAccounts, its almost 10x slower than using Shyft's SuperIndexers.

Kamino also provides the option to invest in liquidity vaults. The vaults deposit your liquidity into CLMM DEXs and help you earn fee on trades. They do this by investing liquidity into investing strategies.

Going through our getting started section will help you understand few basics first.

Getting Started

TLDR: In order to start querying protocols, follow these steps:

  • Get an API key if you don't have one.

  • Head to any GraphQL client of your choice, for example Hasura.

  • Enter the GraphQL endpoint for your preferred network

    • Mainnet: https://programs.shyft.to/v0/graphql/?api_key={api-key}&network=mainnet-beta

    • Devnet: https://programs.shyft.to/v0/graphql/?api_key={api-key}&network=devnet

  • Start filtering, sorting and querying data.

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