Fastest and easiest way to query Governance DAO data.

Governance protocol on Solana is used for managing everything related to DAOs.

Going through our getting started section will help you understand few basics first.

pageGetting Started

TLDR: Understanding Governance program's schema is essential to figure out what fields are stored and how you can efficiently query them. To see the schema and start querying, follow these steps:

  • Get an API key if you don't have one.

  • Head to any GraphQL client of your choice, for example Hasura.

  • Enter the GraphQL endpoint for your preferred network

    • Mainnet:{api-key}&network=mainnet-beta

    • Devnet:{api-key}&network=devnet

  • Scroll down to GovER5Lthms3bLBqWub97yVrMmEogzX7xNjdXpPPCVZw_accountName to see the schema.

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