DAS API is an open specification by Metaplex to streamline access of NFTs and compressed NFTs


Normal NFTs store all their information directly on the blockchain (accounts), which can get expensive at scale. Compressed NFTs, on the other hand, save space by organizing this data into special on-chain structures called Merkle trees. The detailed account data isn't kept on the blockchain itself; instead, it's stored in data storage managed by RPC providers.

TLDR: Normal NFTs store metadata in accounts (expensive), compressed NFTs store their metadata in ledger (cheap), while maintaining on-chain proofs in a Merkle tree.

The Metaplex Digital Asset Standard (DAS) API acts like a universal translator for dealing with digital assets tokens, NFTs and cNFTs) on the Solana blockchain. It can handle both regular assets (Token Metadata) and compressed NFTs (Bubblegum).

Shyft's DAS API is fully compatible with the shared OpenRPC specification. The API is exposed via our standard RPC endpoints:

Mainnet : https://rpc.shyft.to/?api_key={your_api_key}

Devnet : https://devnet-rpc.shyft.to/?api_key={your_api_key}

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