Introducing Shyft

Full-suite Solana Development Experience
Shyft gives you super powers
Our mission is to accelerate adoption of Web3 by lowering the entry barrier for developers. We do this by providing the necessary dev tools and improving the overall DevEx.

What does Shyft offer?

  • Solana RPCs
  • DAS & Compression APIs
  • Solana APIs (Wallet, Marketplace, NFT, Token, SFT, cNFT)
  • Human-Readable Transaction APIs
  • Transaction, Account and Event Callbacks (webhooks)
For Power Users
  • Dedicated RPC Nodes
  • Data Streaming through Geyser Plugins
  • GraphQL Program APIs
We also pride ourselves in providing the most extensive set of open-source community tools and code samples, which actually works. You can find them on our Github.
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